Patio Doors

Hinged Patio Doors

Also known as garden doors, atrium doors or French doors, a hinged patio door is a  two panel glass door with one stationary (fixed) panel, and another panel(s) that operates and swings either inward or outward. A hinged patio door is a simple way to add an instant touch of elegance to your Dallas/Fort Worth home. Pro Door Repair  custom  builds most of our hinged patio doors, providing our customers with a unique product selection.

hinged patio doors

Benefits of Hinged Patio Doors

  • The wide wood profiles and elegant hardware instantly make your door the star of any room in the house.
  • More light is allowed in the room.
  • They improve the energy efficiency of your home. Old and inefficient doors can be a major source of energy loss. Even with all the glass, today’s doors will keep heat and cold out throughout the seasons.
  • They are easily customizable to match the style, design or material you desire.

Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door is a combination of fixed and sliding glass door panels that operate on roller tracks. They come available in multiple configurations with the operable panel available in any position. You might not realize it, but those old sliding doors can be one of the biggest energy suckers in your home, not to mention difficult to open and close. Upgrading to a new sliding patio door can make a world of difference. Sliding doors are a great solution when remodeling and area that open up to an outdoor living space.

sliding patio doors

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home. Old and inefficient patio doors can be a major source of energy loss. Today’s sliding patio doors are up to 10 times as energy efficient as the old aluminum styles, thanks to better frame construction, Low-E glass, and argon gas.
  • They stay in place. Some older sliding door models were known for sliding open and shut in the wind. Today’s models will stay exactly where you want them to.
  • They enhance the beauty of your home, adding value and boosting curb appeal.

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