Sliding Door Repair Dallas/ Fort Worth/DFW/ Texas

Sliding Door Repair-Dallas-Fort-Worth-DFW-Texas

Sliding Door Repair-Dallas-Fort-Worth-DFW-Texas

Sliding Door Repair-Dallas-Fort-Worth-DFW-Texas tx create a focal point for your home as well as an easy connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. They bring in a large amount of light, however they have potential to need some maintenance.

The most common problem homeowners experience with their sliding doors is the rollers wear out. We can put new rollers on and polish the rail that the roller rides on. This will normally fix the problem making your sliding door as good as new. 

Periodically over time your home will shift causing the doors to stick and not latch. Usually, we can adjust The door.

. In Some cases we can remove the entire door unit and reset it.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all doors can NOT be fixed. When we come out to your home we will examine the door to see if we can fix it or see if you need to replace your door.

  If the door needs to be replaced we have a large selection of doors available for you to choose from. We can assist you in picking out any brand and style of the new door unit

 The pic’s below are some roller Pic’s. One of the hardest things with replacing rollers is Thar are OVER 110. TYPES of rollers. We can get all most any style of roller,  But in some cases we haft to order them and it can take up 4 to 5 weeks to get them. The supply co in Dallas caries most of them If they don’t have them then we order them.













Upgrading that old builder grade aluminum sliding door can be a great home improvement.

The energy efficiency of sliding glass doors has improved in the last 10 Years. Better frame construction, LowE glass and argon gas packaged together provide a great insulating door while enhancing the beauty the room.

The cost of upgrading a slider will very from about $2,200.00 up to what ever you wont to spend on a door unit. ( We have one customer that bought a sliding door that cost $28,000.00 gust for the door and the labor to install it was $5,000.00 ) At Pro Door Repair we try to find a door unit that will fit your budget with out compromising quality and style.

Sliding doors are also a great solution when remodeling an area with a goal of opening a space up to the outdoor living space. 


If you don’t wont to upgrade  your slider. Pro Door Repair can convert it to a patio hinged door unit in Most cases. I lot of our customers don’t like sliding door’s so we custom build hinged swing door units to replace the old sliding unit. It only cost about $3,200.00 and up.  We like to use PlastPro Fiberglass door for the conversion They are a 25 year rot free door. All other fiberglass door brands are a 10 year door. PlastPro has a lot of styles to choose from We put the in homes that cost 2 Million dollars. 

Sliding Door Repair Dallas/ Fort Worth/DFW/ Texas

Sliding Door Repair-Dallas-Fort-Worth-DFW-Texas