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PATIO DOORS-Patio Door Companies

   What is a sliding patio door?

Patio Door Companies : A sliding patio door is a combination of fixed and sliding glass door panels that operate on roller tracks. They come available in multiple configurations with the operable panel available in any position. You might not realize it, but those old sliding doors can be one of the biggest energy suckers in your home, not to mention difficult to open and close. Upgrading to a new sliding patio door can make a world of difference. Old and inefficient patio doors can be a major source of energy loss. Today’s sliding patio doors are up to 10 times as energy efficient as the old aluminum styles, thanks to better frame construction, Low-E glass, and argon gas. Sliding doors are a great solution when remodeling and area that open up to an outdoor living space Patio Door Companies PATIO DOORS-Patio Door Companies

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors By Pro Door Repair Patio Door Companies

Improves energy efficiency Allows a wide view of the outdoors Enhances the functionality of a room Easily customization styles and designs

The BEST door systems you can get, Made in Dallas Tx

Tell Us the size And Configuration and What type of application you need and we will build it

Sliding Patio Doors by Metal-Craft-Pro Door Repair

 Will build to your dimensions and  configuration
Available in single-glaze or dual-glaze 5/8″ O Optional heavy-duty deluxe screens
3 finishes in stock , Can custom be painted in most colors to match your color
Several handle styles available

Pro Door Repair only offers the best door systems available from custom to retro fit,

This is why we are called Pro Door Repair, We have 20+ years in the door Business





Patio Doors built to your dimensions and configuration since 1946… XO, OX, OXO, OOX, OXXO, XOX, XOOX What’s This?

Patio Doors available in single-glaze or dual-glaze 5/8” or 3/4″ with optional heavy-duty deluxe screens.  Handles available from the standard Black to speciality handles in Brushed Chrome, Black Nickel. White and Brass.

Available in stock 3 finishes:  Mill, White Paint, Clear Anodized, Bronze Paint, and Bronze Anodized.  Special order powder coating to match existing available upon request.

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