Jamb Rot

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Jam Rot

Jamb Rot

Jamb Rot

Jamb Rot

Jamb Rot

The Link Below Is The type of Jamb We Install


  Door Jamb Repair and  Door Jamb Replacement / When your  door Jamb need to be repaired or Replaced it may be a situation where there is a problem with the door jamb  itself.  We have experience with door jamb replacement from wood rot on the jambs. Some examples of door jamb rot are  in the pictures posted.

 As you can see the doors have varying degrees of damage.Door jamb rot is a common problem for homeowners. We can solve this problem by installing a rot free jamb and seal in place of your old damaged jamb. By replacing the old jamb with a rot free jamb and watertight seal creates a barrier that helps keep moisture out and your door jamb  Repair Rot free.

Most door jambs have standard insulation process using 3 pieces of wood, the jamb, a jamb extension, and trim. If your door has rotted from water damage it is a result from where moisture was able to get in between the joints of the three pieces of wood after the installation was completed.

 We can help stop the wood rot in your door jamb by installing 2 pieces  wood, jamb, and trim. We will custom build a jamb to fit the width of the door opening, which will do away with the middle piece of wood because it is one of the main causes of wood rot. We can do all types of door jamb repairs, Let us show you how to fix it RIGHT.

The pitcher below is the type of jamb we like to install on your new door, It is the rot free jamb leg.

Z-Series Composite Sills

Sill Replacement

 Below is a pic of an old contractor grade sill which is what is in most homes. We install a new Endura Rot Free sill With the Rot Free jamb,This the way to fix the rot problems on your door’s, In some cases the door is Rotted to and will need Replacing. We can install a rot Free door for you as well.

With Endura’s line of Z-Series Sills, you’ll get the best combination of performance and value. These technologically advanced sills are made up of all-composite substrates and synthetic caps and nosing.

These integrated materials prevent the sill from rotting, warping, or deteriorating over time.

With many sizes and styles to choose from, it’s easy to meet your specific application needs.  In addition, the modularity of the Z-Classic sill allows you to hold inventory down while offering a larger variety of door configurations.

Problem sill
With Z-Series Sills, you’ll never have to deal with the shortcomings of wood sills again.






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