Front Entry Doors

Front Entry Doors: Why upgrade my front entry door?

Front entry doors replacement is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 home improvement projects with the highest return on investment (ROI). Depending on the style and design you choose, a front door replacement has a much lower cost than other common remodeling projects - window replacement, flooring installation, etc. Your front door is the first thing visitors notice, and first impressions do matter. Doors can also be a major source of energy saving power, with potential to lower heating and cooling costs by up to 15 percent.

Pro Door Repair specializes in finding the perfect front entry door for your home. Whether you're looking for a simple, standard style or a customized design all your own, our team is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your home, lifestyle and budget. 

Benefits of Front Doors Replacement


    • Boosts resale value
    • Enhances curb appeal
    • Improves energy efficiency
    • Easily customizable

Buy Doors

Pro Door Repair is Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier entryway door provider. We offer the largest selection of residential entry doors in the Metroplex, as well as quality service repairs on any door in your home. To learn more about how we may assist your needs, see our list of services below. To buy doors from us or to request a free quote, BUY DOORS

Pro Door Repair is a door co that has been in the door business for over 20 Years and Door’s are all we do, Pro Door Repair offers you a wide range of  Custom wood door design, Custom fiberglass door design, Patio door replacement, sliding door replacement, custom patio door design.and moor. Let us show  you what we can offer you, We wont you the customer to get the best products  and service you can get.  

Best Selection of Doors in DFW

PLASTPRO Fiberglass doors are the best built doors available and the only door that has a 25 year warranty.

Click Here To See More Plastpro Fiberglass Door

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